Thursday, March 26, 2009

We may well have passed the tipping point

here was a very telling interview this Sunday with President Obama.
Amid the continuing backlash over AIG bonuses, on CBS’s 60 minutes, President Barack Obama is defending his embattled treasury secretary and touting his ambitious $3.6 trillion budget proposal as a boon for ordinary Americans.
And in the interview with 60 minutes, pay attention to when; "Obama noted that corporate executives would better understand the public's outrage over bonuses if they ventured out of New York and spent time in Iowa or Arkansas. There, he said, people are thrilled to be making $75,000 a year with no bonuses." ??
This was a response to the criticism of the banking community, both here and abroad, that these "retribution taxes" on bonuses AND, according to the NYT, "The Obama administration will call for increased oversight of executive pay at all banks, Wall Street firms and possibly other companies as part of a sweeping plan to overhaul financial regulation, government officials said."
Do people, INCLUDING those who did not vote for the president and are critical of this out of touch Congress (being kind) who are so vocal in their rants and raves about Wall Street, AIG, and bonuses not see? These are "straw men" ... to be knocked down -- by the congress in their phony indignation and questionable taxes AND by the people with their "rage" and their "bus tours" We are being played! They are driving deep the roots of a "war between the classes" ... they are playing upon one of our most deeply rooted faults; our intolerance of others. And we are still "sheeple" enough to a large extent, not recognize it.
With each passing day, the similarities between the PATTERNS of behavior - of actions between this administration, and the congress AND those of Germany and Italy of the late 1920's and early 30's are becoming more and more apparent. BUT, I caution you - DO NOT fixate on the characters and the "props" on the stage as that theater was unfolding - FORGET HITLER, MUSSOLINI, Nazism, or in their classical sense, Fascism or even Socialism. President Obama IS NOT - by any stretch, Hitler - nor Mussolini (even though that would be a closer analogy) .. Hitler and Mussolini were unique unto them selves. (the danger is that is that when people begin to recognize the similarities, we immediately fixate on Hitler, et. al. and rightfully say ... "Are you saying President Obama is another Adolph Hitler?" The truthful answer is "Absolutely not!" THEN we overlook these obvious patterns and actions that are costing us our freedom, our democracy, our way of life. Before you know it - we are lost.
Keep this in its most basic form -- WE ARE rapidly spinning into the clutches of an Authoritarian and repressive form of government, PERIOD.
This form of governmental form of control is using US and two of our most pervasive faults to seize the day (No matter where you are along the continuum -from supporter to opponent) - our, as a society, GREED and even more dangerous, OUR ENVY. This is a classic strategy -classic, because you can see how well it is working.
But each point in history is different and unique - and what, in my opinion, is different about this particular "grab for control" is that its underpinnings are weak to non existent. We operate in an environment of a fiat economy, with a fiat currency .... we as a nation, have NO infra-structure in place for self-sustainability, nor do the participants in this Authoritarian movement have the depth of intellect to effectively pull this off. What they DO have is arrogance and EGO (they truly are "heroes in THEIR own minds) They are living examples of the "Peter Principle", if any of you are old enough to remember that.
Add to this what "we the people" seem to have - as a society - an excess of "ENVY and GREED" .... and I am, more and more, beginning to think that utter collapse and chaos (The "Mad Max Effect") is more than a plausibility, more than a possibility, it is rapidly becoming a probability,

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